NASH - Advanced Technologies Holding AG invested early in New and Alternative Sources and Hydrogen. That's where our name come from.

As owner of several patents an licenses of new energy and common technologies, we cooperate with global leader's of industries and high tech. To achieve our goals we care contacts to top universities in Switzerland and the United States.

Corporate Overview

18th of March 2018


NASH Advanced Technologies Holding AG



The NASH Advanced Technologies Holding AG exists since Mai, 2013 and it is 100% owned by Mr Mihai Petrescu who is CEO / President and founder too.


The main field of activity of NASH is the research and development of forward-looking Technologies, including alternative and renewable energy.


Nash owns all rights for several patents, the most important project being “Next-Energy SWISS“. The description of it is already known to you.


As the entire activity and projects of NASH Advanced Technologies Holding AG are presented to, and approved by the highest organisations specialized in this sector, in Switzerland and in USA too, we proudly can affirm that our ideals are supported by all major player on this field, inside of Switzerland but not restricted to it. We do have on our side other SWISS high specialized Groups or Companies, Research Institutes, Universities, ETH-Zürich, Paul Scherer Institute (Zug), IGE/IPI Bern and some relevant Ministries;


Our main goal is to implement immediately our project and in addition to create new jobs, payable energy for centuries, a clean environment and help citizens to get a better, healthier life.


Just as a short information


Next-Energy SWISS, the main project of NASH:


A. The realization of Next-Energy Centre - which will serve as port of entry for energetic technologies based on hydrogen, insuring the production, storage, transportation and use.

Data (1) directional tables and data (2) research fields are vital in increasing performance and lowering production cost resulting in a competitive hydrogen economy.


  1. Directional tables:

Main research field, the production of hydrogen, storing of hydrogen, energetic cells, and transportation of hydrogen.​

  1. Research department:​

  • Catalyzes

  • Nano-tubes materials

  • Membranes and separators

  • Techniques and standards of measure, control and classification

  • Theory, molding and simulation

  • Security and environmental issues

  • Public approval

The configuration of Next-Energy Centre deals with four techno-economic challenges that hydrogen energy will implicate.


  • Reducing cost of hydrogen energetic cells use for transportation means.

  • Developing alternative energy used in producing hydrogen (solar, Aeolian, geo-thermal, photosynthesis)

  • Discovery of reliable methods of hydrogen storage.

  • Development of secure infrastructure for transportation means of hydrogen its production and its usage.


New scientific fields inspired from biology and the science of the living will be identified and will contribute to revolutionary discoveries needed in the hydrogen economy including:


  • Radical increase in the natural resources productivity.

  • Transition to nature based materials and patterns.

  • Proceeding to a model that insures services and flow-business (eco-system business)

  • Reinvesting in the natural capitalism.


B. The creation of a 200 Hectares of a wide campus Next-Energy Zone, intended to become the High-Tech Park in the hydrogen energy field.

Both centers A and B will have the title of Economic Development Area offering fiscal advantages, high-tech infrastructure for companies from all over the world that will establish research and development centers in hydrogen technologies.

The Romanian market will have the main bid together with connected traditional markets from Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, etc. neighbor countries, African countries and many others.


A simple research progression will not reduce significantly the shifting from the present-state into a desirable-state. A long term program of fundamental research and innovation in which all risks have to be assumed is needed. The goal of the project can’t be just a simple evolutionary advance but a revolutionary one, a bridge toward knowing and controlling the chain of physical and chemical reactions of hydrogen and the new materials used.


C. The project will call upon involved companies to develop a close collaboration with the state educational system and the private sector in the aim of implementing complete courses that will equip the next generation of students with the necessary techniques in order to accomplish high level research of manufacturing, commercializing products, services and technologies coherent with hydrogen.


D. The project involves the regulation of a national alternative energy program (Solar, Aeolian, Hydrogen, Geo-Thermal, etc.) financed by the State and Private sector. This program shall serve as laboratory for developing industry norms and systems of afferent authentications.


Years Experience

Current Investments



Specialist Industries


Experienced Partners


The Man behind: Mr. Mihai Petrescu

Well known in Switzerland since 1990 for his explosive energy and personal engagement.  Putting his knowledge in service of each and every one. He started by teaching young men, why sport is so important for all, and how to become a winner.

A respected manager, a teacher, a trainer, and between 1995-1998 Swiss National Coach as well as Graduated in Sport Management by Swiss Olympic Association.

As a recognized open minded person, Mr. Mihai Petrescu decided to study at the « Ecole de Cadres de Lausanne» ECL, Lausanne, Switzerland, being graduated in Business administration.

Later, on the Law Faculty, University of Bucharest Romania, received the Law license and is already PhD (candidate) in Environmental Law by University of Bucharest, Romania.

As his interests are constantly in the alternatives energy sector, Mr. Petrescu became associate member of NHA (National Hydrogen Association) as well as of IPHE (International Program for Hydrogen Economy), Washington D.C., USA

His permanent connection to newest information in vary fields is to be recognised in the passion to publish his achieved knowledge too, here a brief selection of it:


  • 2010   New Cart-e Tech > 3 patents demand / credit cards industry > genuine new TOTAL BIOMETRIC card - from top to bottom (see commodity card concept) ;

  • 2010   Next Energy SWISS > project/first NE_SW > the shift to hydrogen economy in Süd-Ost Schweiz, and now in the whole Switzerland;

  • 2008-2007  Next Energy RO project /NE_RO > the shift to hydrogen economy in Romania;

  • 2007   New-Way Tech > patent demand / Infrastructure > new highway tech concept;

  • 2007   Total Security Concept > patent demand / infrastructure + automotive industry + biometric securities;

  • 2007   “Fals Tratat de VINeTARE” > literary essay / concerning and about of the very truth of the next-energy & the hydrogen economy sabotage; 

  • 2007   aCar Tech > patent demand / automotive industry > hydrogen-on-board auto + new securities concept;

  • 2007  Seismic Warning System > patent demand /seismic warning technology; chip;

  • 2007 Air Ad-Integrum Salvation System > patent demand /aircraft industry /insurance;

  • 2007 Chip cerebral: patent demand, remodelare cerebrala frecventmetrica / cerebral chip tech. > bio-technology industry;

  • 2006 “The Trial” > novel & movie script > the final story of Johann Augustus Sutter;

  • 2005  Total Airbag System > patent demand / automotive industry > first complete outside airbag system;

  • 2004-2002 Code Destiny  > patent demand / science: quantum physic, astrophysics, genetic, mathematic, philosophy   - controlled by our universal intelligence;

  • 2003 “Don’t touch my world!” > novel & movie script, political fiction-drama > mankind free will reaction confronted with the last energy crises * the next energy r-evolution;

  • 2002 “Orbital Force One” > essay concerning and about the own truth of the global warming. Truth cause, solution, etc.

  • 2001 “Double strike” > novel & movie script, thriller > the launch of a new era in the Sport’s Konzentrazion Lager >  they are the future: the puppeteers;

  • 2001   MSC II > patent /credit card industry > basic form of the very first autonomic biometric credit card tech;

  • 1994-1988 “Provisory in freedom” novel & movie script, political fiction-drama > manipulating the mankind destiny. Between1912 and 1958

  • 1990-1992 Neoliberal Movement > essay, serried media articles regarding the neoliberal doctrine and of an optimized political choice

  • 1990-1992 Neoliberal Movement > essay, serried media articles regarding the neoliberal doctrine and of an optimized political choice;


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